Family Legacy Cards

Family Legacy Cards

Family Legacy Cards are a great way of encouraging family members to write down their precious memories, stories and history. They are ideal because they are:

  • Personal – handwritten using personal memories and first-hand knowledge
  • Easy – with no need for complicated research or computers
  • Versatile – there are three lined pages for you to write what you want to
  • Long-lasting – printed on special paper with a minimum longevity of 200 years
  • Authentic – containing a page for the writer’s signature as well as the place and date of writing
  • Themed – the cards have different themes and thought provoking front covers, intended to rouse different memories.
  • ‘Postscript’ message – some cards have a postscript on the back cover to trigger further thoughts and provide motivation.

Customers can buy our cards individually or in a range of Book Box sets which make excellent presents. The cards are all available in the Amazon Store.

What do the cards look like?

Each card comprises of 6 pages – a front cover, back cover (often with a postscript message), 3 lined pages to write on and a unique ‘Authenticity & Provenance’ page to ensure who wrote the card, where and when are captured for loved ones and future generations to treasure.

Shown below is ‘Celebrations’ Card opened up to show three ‘outer’ pages as an example:

The reverse side of each of these three pages has a blank, but lined, page to write on.

The current range includes the following cards:

Belonging – covers the theme of origins, where the family comes from, places that have been important to the family in recent times such as an old family home.

Celebrations – to tell the story of major events witnessed first-hand and/or to record information on family celebrations, traditions and culture.

Courage – for the sacrifice, hardship and courage during war years of those who fought, worked on the land or in industry, those who were left behind to cope and raise families alone, or those evacuated. A good accompaniment for any medals or other items such as a ration book.

Empty Chair – making sure information is recorded for the future, perhaps when face to face conversations are not an option.

Keepsakes – for those precious items we treasure because they have been handed down the family or have a special story. Use this card to describe them and their history, so their importance is captured for the family.

Old Photos – choose one or two favourite family photos and use this card to record who or what the photos show. Then keep the photos with the card, or give the card with copies of the photos enclosed for loved ones.

Past Generations – to write about past family members who were known to the writer of the card, to give a first hand account and keep their memories alive.

Pen & Paper – autobiographical, to record information about the writer’s own life, perhaps to also record how the world has changed and what the impact has been on the person.

Schooldays – to write about a person’s childhood and their school and home life.

Shadows – autobiographical, but quite a flexible card, could be used to record travel, special holidays, places visited.

The Recipe Card – a lovely way to share favourite recipes with family and friends.

Time – particularly useful for major changes in life – e.g. to record a message for some one leaving home, retiring, a milestone birthday, or to capture a special message and perhaps advice.

Together – a great card for a couple to record how they met, their stories and ,memories, perhaps to record what their wedding day/civil partnership day was like.

Welcome – to record feelings and events around the arrival of new members of the family, i.e. new baby, children, next generation. This can be used for a birth, christening, first birthday, but also for some one of any age.

4 & 6 Card Gift Sets
The current range includes the following sets:

4 card sets:

  • For Mum
  • For Dad
  • Because Memories Matter
  • 4 Recipe Cards

6 card sets:

  • For Anniversaries, Weddings, Civil Partnerships
  • For Grandparents
  • For New Baby
  • Welsh (6 different cards in the Welsh language)
  • Memory Capture & Reminiscence

Activity Sets
These comprise 1 card & envelope, 1 archival ink pen, 1 worksheet/set of questions/memory joggers.

My family story series – these are for a child/children to do with their parents, grandparents, or other family members.

  • Pack 1: My Grandparents & Great Grandparents (contains the card ‘Old Photos’)
  • Pack 2: Tell Me About Where Our Family Comes From (Contains the card ‘Belonging’)
  • Pack 3: Tell Me About Your Schooldays (Contains the card ‘Schooldays’)
  • Pack 4: Our Favourite Family Meals & How To Cook Them (contains ‘The Recipe Card’)

Family Gatherings Sharing Memories Series – for those precious occasions when the family are together.

  • Pack 1: Recalling Past Generations (contains the card ‘Past Generations’)
  • Pack 2: Going Through Old Family Photos (contains the card ‘Old Photos’)

Book Box Sets
Our Book Box sets contain everything you need to get started:

  • 6 Family Legacy Cards
  • 6 envelopes
  • an archival ink pen
  • a 16-page advice booklet to give you helpful suggestions
  • the cards come wrapped in unbleached cotton tape and acid free tissue
  • a stylish Book Box for safe keeping.

Book Box Sets are available at two price levels – a) standard: the book box is in black faux leather with gold stitching and a linen interior lining and b) deluxe: the book box is handmade from brown Tuscan leather, gold decoration and faux leather interior.

To view the range of Book Boxes available go to the Amazon Store