Our Autism Ambitions

Our Autism Ambitions

At Brythonium we are passionate about two things:

  • That through our products we enable everyone regardless of status, wealth or achievement to create a record of their life and family memories, leaving a tangible legacy for the discovery and benefit of future descendants and generations.
  • To provide work opportunities for young adults with Autism and Learning Difficulties, through the assembly and packaging of our products.

Our Logo ~ the Celtic Triskalion and the Autism Triad

The Triskalion has been used down the ages to represent a number of trios, such as Spirit, Mind, Body or Past, Present, Future.

These are very appropriate for our family history products. However, for us the Triskalion also represents the triad of impairments which people with Autism experience:

  • Impaired language and communication
  • Impaired social interaction
  • Impaired imagination/flexibility of thought

Our Vision and Autism Ambitions
Our vision is to create bespoke premises to be called ‘Brythonium’, where we will not only engage young adults with Autism to work in our office, assembly and packaging area, but we hope to develop a café and shop, too. In this way we will develop both the range of products and services available to our customers at the same time as extending the range of work opportunities for our young adults and trainees. We are self-funded and have had no grants to develop our business. We aim to continue to be self-funding and with time, to be commercially viable.

Our aim is to support:

  • those who have a combination of Autism and Learning difficulties which in many cases means little or no speech, difficulty with fine motor skills and self-help skills and planning their day – these youngsters need 24 hour care but are comfortable with a good structure to their day, repetition of some work tasks and once shown how to do a task will be consistently good at it.
  • Asperger’s – young adults with Asperger’s can be very capable of a full working and social life if given a chance and an environment in which their needs are met.

The Name ‘Brythonium’
Our name, Brythonium, is derived from the word ‘Brython’. The Brythonic people were our ancestors, the Celtic people who inhabited most of Great Britain from the Iron Age through to the roman invasion of 43AD. ‘Brython’ evolved over time to give us the words Britain, Briton and British. We have created a new word ‘Brythonium’ which we feel evokes a sense of enduring presence, belonging and a legacy – which is exactly what we hope to achieve through our products for all those who chose to use them.

We would like to thank our family, friends and supporters. In particular, we would like to thank:

  • George Bowie, our designer, who has patiently worked with us to take our prototypes and transform them into wonderful, professional artwork.
  • Photography – we would like to thank Mike Dean at Eye Imagery for his photography and support
  • Brenda Jones – for Welsh translation – Diolch yn fawr.
  • All the people who kindly gave us their time during our market research.

Finally, all the young people with Autism we know – You are our motivation and deserve an adulthood which is shaped by what you can do, not by what you cannot do. We will try our best to deliver Brythonium for you and for the benefit of many generations to come.