Some Card Examples

Some Card Examples

Family information and personal experiences – some examples:

From Mrs V.E. Roberts:
“There were ten children in our family and my father supplemented our income by selling produce from his garden. As a child in the 1930s it was my job to deliver the fresh produce to various households in our small town. We did not have bags back then and I remember watching him with his old scales weighing out quantities of strawberries, black currants and gooseberries and then tipping them gently onto a cut rhubarb leaf which was then put into my wicker basket with the delivery instructions for me. I got paid 1 penny for doing a delivery. We did not have supermarkets, just local shops and all the fruit and vegetables we ate were those in season.”

Possible cards for this memory: Past generations, Belonging or any of the autobiographical cards (Shadows, Pen & Paper, Empty Chair).

From Ronald Owain Roberts:
I was born at 4.30 pm on 29th October 1923 at Llwyn y Cil, Chirk where my maternal grandfather was working and within days was home at 71, Chirk Green. I grew up there – two rooms upstairs, two rooms downstairs, no bathroom or hot water and a bucket lavatory roughly 20 yards away. With no electricity, my early days were spent with oil lamps and candles; the wireless was battery operated and served one set of headphones. Laundry was done in a big shed or wash house at my Granddad’s home. Miners were poorly paid, so my Dad used to cut hair for 3d a time in the back kitchen. He also mended clocks and gramophones to help out…

Possible cards for this memory: Past Generations, Belonging or any of the autobiographical cards (Shadows, Pen & Paper, Empty Chair).

From Ronald Owain Roberts:
‘It was World War II and I was due to go to Edinburgh to read Veterinary Surgery, but was 17 years old at the beginning of the academic year, so I had to forgo entry for a year. I had already been accepted for flying duties in the R.A.F , so I worked in the Research Laboratories at Monsanto (near Llangollen) for a few months until I was called up for R.A.F service. Basic subjects were taught in Newquay, Cornwall and flying training in the Transvaal, South Africa. I then went to the Cape for a long course in marine reconnaissance. I later joined a crew flying Wellingtons with 8 Squadron at Aden.’

Possible Card for this memory: Courage or any of the autobiographical cards (Shadows, Pen & Paper, Empty Chair).

‘Money was scarce; I often had jerseys, trousers and boots my cousin Reg had outgrown and one Christmas I hung up my stocking.. I had a few walnuts, a tangerine, 2 new pennies and the stocking filled with cinders, That was it. My childhood was really happy. I belonged to a gang. Summer, and particularly in school holidays, we spent swimming in the River Ceiriog, diving from the banks and damming the river to make our area deeper. Such a session always ended with a fire and roast potatoes pinched from a field on our way down. We were out at night too, always playing pranks – swapping washing on clotheslines as far apart as 50 yards, tying 2 door knobs together with rope and then knocking both doors….’

Possible card for this memory: any autobiographical card – Shadows, Pen & Paper, Empty Chair, Schooldays