Writing the Cards Together

Writing the Cards Together

Families are telling us of the way they are choosing to complete their cards, so here are some wonderful ideas:

Grandparents with Grandchildren
Completing the cards can be an ideal inter-generational activity between grandparents and grandchildren. Some Grandparents have told us they will get their grandchildren to ask questions, for example about their schooldays, and the Grandparents will then write the answers in the cards. Children can be surprising and may ask some interesting questions about the family and times gone by. They may also have fond memories of this joint activity and the cards will have an extra memory for them.

Family Gatherings
For some families getting together is now more difficult given their geographical spread and busy lives. So the family gathering can be a great opportunity to reminisce and where there is discussion, memories revisited and a collective knowledge brought together to add depth to stories and information.

It may be an opportunity to hand out the cards to different members of the family and different generations, for each to complete one or more cards, so that there is quite a family legacy created and added to by each generation.

However you choose to complete your Family Legacy Cards the joy of the process is that there is no right or wrong, it is a completely flexible system.